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Why Choose Peterborough for Your Business - 
Nestled amidst some of the most scenic cottage country lakes in Ontario, an urban regional hub to a market of roughly 350,000 people, and a short 90-minute drive to the massive market of Toronto… The question really is “Why not  Peterborough?”

More and more businesses are recognizing that the combination of an innovative, creative economy, proximity to global markets, and impressive quality of life all come together in Peterborough. With a cost of living that keeps both labour and commercial/industrial space costs reasonable, sustainable growth for any business is easily within reach.

We invite you to explore some of the facts, figures, stats, and stories that outline the Peterborough economy. And then we invite you to explore the area for yourself. We’re an exciting place to do business.

City of Peterborough's growth plan -- showing the plans for Peterborough to 2031

Rural Economic Develpment - various tools and resources for businesses in rural Ontario

Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce

Commercial Tax Rebate

If you own a commercial or industrial property that is partially or entirely vacant, you may be eligible for a rebate of Provinical Land Tax for the period of the vacancy.

Provincial Land Tax is a property tax imposed on land located in the unincorporated territories of Ontario which do not have municipal representation. The taxes collected through this program fund the cost of provincial services in these areas.

To see if you qualify and more information click here.

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